Important announcement

Many artists have contacted us at St George’s Arts to ask for an application form for our ‘Early Career Residency’ for 2011. This year we haven’t posted a call out as we have been restructuring our art programming. I apologize if you have seen it posted as an opportunity but can only say that we haven’t advertised it ourselves. Where I have seen it advertised (Red Squirrel a-n etc) I have asked them to take the advert down.

For 2011 St George’s Arts is proposing to run a series of shorter ‘Mini’ residencies, events and exhibitions. For the first year the artists are mainly being approached directly by us because during the last few years of running our three to six month ‘Early Career Residency’ we have had contact with so many wonderful artists who for one reason or another didn’t slot into the formula of the longer residency or were unavailable to carry out the outreach programme required by our then funding structure.

When we have an open opportunity we will post a call and if you have asked for information about our residency programme now or in the past you will automatically be sent information about the opportunity and how to apply for it.

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