Modern Madonnas, upcoming exhibition 26 May – 17 June

‘A nest of 40 eggs’ by Maggie Rose

‘Modern Madonnas’ is an exciting new group exhibition taking place in Esher during May and June. St George’s Arts has chosen thirteen artists from all over Britain, whose works provide a thoughtful response to the relationship between mother and child.

Set in the beautiful setting of St George’s Church, Esher, which, over the past five years has been building its reputation as a showcase for cutting edge art, ‘Modern Madonnas’ includes paintings, prints, photography, video, sculpture and installation.

Considering how many people become parents, it is perhaps rather surprising how rarely this theme is used today by artists. So it is refreshing here to see original ideas covering all aspects of motherhood.

‘Woman Rowing Boat’ by Jean Thompson

While some will be intrigued by Jean Thompson’s dreamlike etchings, (is the couple in the boat abandoning their baby in the water, or rowing out to save it?) others will relate to Tracey Kershaw’s images of a child’s fingernails being cut, representing the passage of time. As parents, we are so caught up in the routine of everyday life, that we often lose sight of the fact that our child is growing up, only becoming aware of this when we carry out these mundane rituals.

Kasia Depta-Garapich’s  pillar-like structures look strong, although they are made of paper; maybe a metaphor for the role of a mother holding together the family

Meanwhile, in ‘Eating Eggs’, Maggie Rose has filmed herself eating an egg, and then run it backwards. The result looks like a conjuring trick as she manages to produce a perfect egg from her mouth, but is this really so different from the miraculous act of giving birth to a baby?

‘Modern Madonnas’ runs from 26May – 17 June, 11am-3pm Mon-Sat, excluding bank holidays.

(Private View: Thursday 31 May)

There will be three related art workshops:

Back-to-Art Mothers:                        Sat 26 May

Parent and Child Art Workshop:      Fri 8 June

Modern Madonnas Art Workshop: Wed 13 June

For more information, or to book for the workshops,, phone 01372 464881 or visit

St George’s Arts, St George’s Church, Esher Park Avenue, Esher KT10 9RQ, is near the junction of Claremont Lane (the A244) and Esher Park Avenue, behind the Bear Public House.

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